Making Internet Explorer use PNG Alpha transparency

Internet Explorer supports some extra style features for providing transitions and filters to images. Two of these can help us with transparency in IE6. One is the AlphaImageLoader, which applies an image to the background of any element whose height and width are both explicitly set (or if the position: absolute; style is set) and supports full Alpha transparency. It is supported from Internet Explorer 5.5. The second is Alpha, which can be used to provide Alpha transparency to any element, making the element transparent….

Cross Browser 100% Height in CSS

The question of 100% height comes up often, and yet, what do we mean by 100% height? It is shorthand for 100% browser window minimum height. Why do so many designers want it? Because they can do it quite easily in a table-based design, maybe? Why then, is it so difficult? Can 100% height be done in such a way as to satisfy most browsers? Yes, read on to find out how…