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Fluid Grid System

A web grid system designed by Joseph Silvashy and New Gold Leaf that allows designers to use the screen real estate on large monitors and retain great design on smaller ones. The Fluid Grid System combines the principals of the typographic grid and a baseline grid into one resolution-independent framework…

Accessible Header Images With CSS And XHTML

Before CSS, images were always put into Web pages with image tags. We gave them alternate alt text so they still made sense when images were turned off – it was the only way. Today, we have Cascading Style Sheets. Using CSS to add images to Web pages has been called a "vital cornerstone of all future Web design". It gives us new power to control the presentation not just of basic styles like borders, but all the images across a whole site. Fahrner Image Replacement FIR was the first widespread method of doing this, and remains the most well known. But it isn't perfect. Today I'll show you two methods that overcome its problems.