CSS Layouts: A collection of 224 Grid and CSS Layouts

A collection of CSS layouts offering Grade-A browser support. What does that mean? Well, they should appear the same in all internet browsers, including Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), Firefox, Opera, Safari etc. You can use these CSS Layouts anywhere you wish including website templates, blog themes, CMS or as a starting point for your Web projects.

CSS Tutorial – A New Image Replacement Technique: The State Scope Method

Image replacement is arguably one of the most important CSS based techniques available to a web designer. Image replacement has a place on nearly every web site—it can be useful in displaying a variety of page elements: company logos, attractive navigation bars, and fancy paragraph headings…

CSS Reset on Google CDN – CSS-Reset.com

CSS-Reset.com provides you with a quick and easy way to include a reset stylesheet. Theres no need to download it everytime you want to use it, or hotlink it off someone elses website. Hosted on Google’s App Engine to offer outstanding speed and stability. Your website will likely be faster as Google’s Content Delivery Network will be located closer to your site visitor. All stylesheets are compressed to minimize loading time….

Recreating the Button

Until some future version of HTML gives us new native controls to use in a browser, Google (StopDesign) have been playing and experimenting with controls they “custom buttons”. These buttons are used in Gmail and Google Reader. The buttons are designed to look very similar to basic HTML input buttons. But they can handle multiple interactions with one basic design. The buttons are imageless, and they’re created entirely using HTML and CSS, plus some JavaScript to manage the behavior. They’re also easily skinnable with a few lines of CSS…